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Despite reports of its death, search engine optimisation is alive, kicking and an absolutely vital part of your digital marketing strategy

Bloody Amazon. Bloody bloody eBay. It's no wonder you don't win all the search with those two behemoths sitting atop the rankings like a kind of giant SEO slug. Getting bigger and bigger until they're basically number one for all the products you sell. 

And now they're eating into the clever PPC campaigns you've put together! Seems Ecommerce businesses just can't win.  

Or maybe you can. Maybe you should talk to an agency that has helped businesses migrate from Amazon and eBay, dominate search in their niche and become more profitable as a result. Maybe you should talk to an agency that works on influencer engagement harder than it works on keyword targeting and has customers ranking better (and turning over tens of millions) as a result

Maybe you should talk to an SEO agency who are trusted by some of the fastest growing pure ecommerce businesses and some of the UK's biggest bricks and clicks retailers. 

Or maybe you should just have a cup of tea and bury your head in the sand again. 

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