HubSpot Manager

If you know what you are doing with HubSpot, but are working full time getting inbound marketing working for your business, the HubSpot Manager might help.  

Essentially you do the day-to-day content production and we do the management of HubSpot. This might include tasks like:

  • Setting up and modifying Lead Nurturing Workflows
  • Setting up and modifying Sales Sequences
  • Setting up and modifying automated emails for Workflows and Sequences
  • Setting up and improving email newsletter templates
  • Setting up and improving blog post templates
  • Ensuring you are meeting HubSpot best practice, showing you new tools and tricks and enrolling you in relevant beta versions of new products where applicable.

Where Inbound Coach provides strategic direction, this is where we can proactively manage the HubSpot platform to ensure that you are levering the maximum potential of your investment in it.

Included in HubSpot Manager is Search Coach, keeping your website healthy.

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