Inbound Coach

For many clients, an Inbound Marketing Strategy gives them the direction they need to crack on and implement it. However, they find it's useful to have a little more guidance and support.

Usually the nature of this guidance and support is tailored around what you need - maybe it's training in particular areas or coaching on content production.  In all cases you will have a monthly catch up call and an in-depth quarterly coaching session with you, tailored around the SMART targets in the Inbound Marketing Strategy.  

The coaching is based on actual results, tracking your website performance and audience on social media channels to see:

  • Organic search performance
  • Audience growth (against competitors)
  • Audience growth (against competitors)
  • Applause - (Likes, Favourites, Loves, etc)
  • Amplification - (Shares, RTs, repins, etc)
  • Engagement - (Comments, Mentions, etc)
  • Website sessions
  • Website conversions
  • Content performance

You will receive a monthly report on all these metrics plus highlights of the top performing posts in your social landscape.  

You’ll also be inundated with practical tips combined with some far-out ideas on your weekly catch up call, monthly video conference on tactics and a quarterly strategy session at the Noisy Little Monkey offices in Bristol.

Included in Inbound Coach is Search Coach, keeping your website healthy.

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