Inbound Marketing for Leads

No time, or possibly inclination, to do your own inbound marketing?  We’ll do it!

This is a hefty retainer service running, ideally, for at least a year.  The Inbound Marketing Strategy provides the structure for the retainer, and it also includes Search Coach and Inbound Coach so from day one you and your team will be learning about how to do what we do.  

Depending on the strategy we will be creating and sharing content that does more than simply drive traffic from Google and Bing. Our content will get shared around your target market and the people / brands who influence your prospects and customers.

Over the course of 12 months, we typicaly produce around 4 downloads/content offers, 60 blog posts and associated social media for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and other channels (as appropriate, not including email). The purpose of this is to build brand awareness, grow social media engagement and most importantly improve organic search rankings to drive visitors and qualified sales leads.

We will plan and deliver the content direct to your website and social media, while you maintain ultimate editorial control.

We will expect to manage all your social channels, rather than just broadcasting the messages we create. With us at the helm your brand channels will not be simply about broadcast. Your brand will engage with relevant influencers and potential customers, share content that is relevant to their buyers journey and develop brand advocacy from your existing customers.

You will meet with us weekly to start with as we get to know and trust each other.  The number of meetings will definitely reduce over time, but we’ll continue to have a quarterly review meeting and an annual refresh session.

Want quicker results? This activity can be scaled to include more content, sales enablement, training and consultancy. Tell us how fast you want to grow and we’ll price it for you.

Next Steps

Depending on your business and growth aspirations at the end of 12 months you might want to:

  • Do it yourself:  we can help you hire the right person and train them to take over the work we’ve been doing.
  • We do it: we’ll reset the goals and SMART targets based on performance and what’s worked to create a new plan for even more crazy growth
  • A hybrid:  you might feel ready to take on the main bulk of the content yourself, but need support around the more technical elements so  Inbound Coach or HubSpot Manager might be more appropriate.  Or else, Search Coach will just keep you in contact with us and ensure your website remains in a healthy state.
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