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    • Your Inbound Marketing Strategy includes extensive research and results.

      • Find out how your target audience searches for your products or services.
      • Discover the content you'll need to produce so that you win traffic from Google for these searches.
      • Work out which social channels your audience uses to engage with your competitors.
      • Establish the content you need to engage this social audience.
      • Agree on SMART goals, targeting growth of website visits, enquiries, as well as new business opened.
      • The plan typically consists of 50+ pages broken down into key areas: SMART goals, personas, search term research, campaign & content strategy

      We'll present the draft ideas to you, backed up with extensive data prior to delivering the final Inbound Marketing Strategy to all partner agencies and your in house marketing department.

      Before starting research you'll benefit from a couple of goal setting phone calls followed by a facilitated 1/2 day workshop with your team, over Zoom or at our offices.The outputs of the calls and workshop suggest the best resources to use to produce growth in web traffic, leads and new business.
      The key will be the production of content for your website. This content will be the main driver to continue to deliver growth in organic search traffic and social media engagement.

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      What you can expect from an Inbound Marketing Strategy with Noisy Little Monkey

      A detailed 3 month Inbound Marketing Strategy

      Your plan will typically consist of 50+ pages broken down into key areas. You'll receive SMART goals aligned with your broader organisational goals, Marketing Personas, Conversion Funnel, Search Term Research, a Calendar for Content and Social Media output, Content Downloads, Lead Nurturing, as well as essential website fixes to optimise you site performance.

      Goal Setting Meetings

      We'll chat with you over the phone, via Zoom, or in person to set goals, as well as conduct a half day workshop with your team. We want to give your team the coaching and training they need to implement all of the juicy tips we give you.

      Tools and resources

      You'll know which tools and resources will be the best for you to use to produce growth in web traffic, leads and new business. The key to this will be content production that will continue to drive organic search traffic and social media engagement.

      Next Steps

      Once your Inbound Marketing Strategy is delivered and adopted, you have several options. You can go away and implement all of the juicy hints and tips we've given you to improve your digital marketing strategy. If you're short on time and resources, we can do all of the work for you; managing content creation, social posting as well as campaign development. Or we could do a mix of the two!

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      Next Steps

      At the end of the process you will have a number of options:

    • Do it yourself: the strategy is filled with hints and tips to improve your digital marketing as well as the 12 month plan
    • We do it: our inbound marketing for leads service delivers the strategy in partnership with you.
    • We do the work: creating the content, social posting and campaign development and monitoring. You coach us on your customersIf you have HubSpot, then we offer a range of HubSpot Services that covers portal admin and training as well as campaign and content creation and monitoring.
    • A hybrid: you deliver the plan but we’ll coach and support you through the process, either by Inbound Coach or HubSpot Manager.

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      A genuinely fantastic team. You cant find a more helpful company when it comes to Digital Marketing

      Tom S, SOARIZON by Thales

      Need leads? Want to go inbound? Then you need the Monkeys to generate some noise...

      Alan T, Indicia Worldwide

      Noisy Little Monkey are fantastic. They have a wealth of digital knowledge and have helped us hugely with their advice.

      Jess S, Thrings

      The staff at Noisy Little Monkey are a truly wonderful bunch, I always look forward to our meetings and it's refreshing to work alongside a team that just "gets it".

      Lily H, Netitude

      They're full of exciting ideas and their audit of our marketing was really eye-opening to get a new perspective

      Kayla W, Gardiner Haskins

      I was struck by how professional, friendly and knowledgeable NLM are. Nothing seemed like too much trouble, and any question was answered, no matter how technical.

      Neil P, Altitude Angel

      Thank you for bringing such joy, professionalism, expertise, and energy to our HubSpot lives. We left feeling a pep in our step and a genuine sense that anything is possible with HubSpot!

      Briony P, Rocketmakers

      Noisy Little Monkey has been working with our company for several years; they have been instrumental in assisting the new team members and offer suggestions and insights, which creates a lovely sense of teamwork.

      Katie D, IMSM

      Noisy Little Monkey have been excellent. They gave us a clear roadmap of what would happen at each step, and they held our hand and took us through absolutely everything.

      Ian H, Agency Hackers

      A wealth of knowledge and expertise delivered in a fun, creative and friendly way. Thank you!

      Laurence H , Phineas

      Deeply satisfying & fulfilling

      Your Mum