Inbound Lead Generation

Your website should be a lead generation engine, finely tuned to deliver a steady flow of fresh leads, and nurture those leads into customers.

Why do businesses use an inbound lead generation approach?

  • You are using more traditional forms of lead gen activity - like telemarketing or direct mail - but are finding diminishing returns on this investment  
  • Your website is getting visitors, but you’ve seen it as a brochure site, rather than a lead generation machine and are now keen to capitalise on that traffic
  • Your business has grown so far on word of mouth and recommendations but now need a way to generate b2b leads at scale and are looking at your options
  • Your sales team are grumpy and are shouting at you for delivering poor leads.

Our lead generation services 

  • Competitive audit
    Generally the first step would be an audit of your current lead generation activity, and to get an understanding of the effectiveness of inbound lead gen in your sector.  This, combined with your growth plans, gives us all a sense of the scale of the project
  • Lead Generation Strategy Workshop
    Once we know the task, we’d work with you in a workshop format to develop the strategy.  Often we’ll bring together sales, marketing and technical teams to pool your insight into customer behaviour and identify content and processes than can be reused in an inbound context.  The output of this would be a strategy plus an outline plan for you to implement
  • Coaching
    Reorienting your marketing isn’t necessarily quick or easy and sometimes you need a coach or cheerleader to provide consultancy support. 

How can we help?

Noisy Little Monkey have a wealth of experience in transforming our clients’ lead gen activity, from small UK based single site sales teams, to multi-site teams working nationally and internationally.  We look at lead gen in the context of your wider digital marketing strategy and competitive landscape.  We're keen to tie all of our recommendations back to your business goals, spot opportunities for other aspects of your digital marketing and ensure that this is all accounted for within a robust measurement framework. 

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