Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is all about creating a thoughtful, personal, contextually-aware experience for your potential customers at an inhuman scale. 

When implemented successfully, marketing automation provides continual touchpoints with your potential and existing customers at every step of a buyers’ journey, spotting opportunities around the clock using machine learning insights.  

Automation not only creates highly efficient processes, saving you time and money, but can also improve your customers’ experience of your brand.

If you are hunting down information on marketing automation services, maybe you’ve not quite reached automation nirvana.  Perhaps:

  • You’ve reached a scale of business where handing every response personally simply isn’t sustainable and the quality is beginning to suffer
  • You just can’t get your head around the technology and how that fits with your buyers’ journey.  That combination of the two is hurting your head,  
  • You've invested in the marketing automation tools, but you are time-and-resource-poor, and feel that you are simply not using the advanced functionality of your pricey toolstack.

Our marketing automation services 

Our services focus on the convert and close element of your marketing:

  • Audit of existing CRM, content and automation
    The first step is to understand what you have in place already, how it's working and what your goals for automation are.  We sense check your CRM and whether the data you have been collecting is up to the job. At the end of the audit we’ll all know how big the task is.
  • Customer Journey Mapping
    This is your plan - we’ll look at how you expect customers to move through your website, and identify the key moments where segmentation and automation should be put in place. 
  • Getting stuff done
    Creating content, workflows, sequences, reporting dashboards etc.  We can do this or we can teach and coach your team to put the customer journey maps into place and keep on improving them.  
  • Integrate into Hubspot
    Often marketing automation is part of a wider migration project.  In cases like these we are able to pull data from a variety of existing systems (spreadsheets, MailChimp, other CRMs) and migrate into the Hubspot CRM and use Hubspot automation tools and SMART content to customise a Hubspot website. 

How can we help?

Noisy Little Monkey is a digital marketing agency - we’ve been doing ‘inbound marketing’ since before the term was invented.

We’ve been using Hubspot for nearly 5 years and it has revolutionised the way we do business - in particular the marketing automation tools have allowed us to professionalise many of our sales and marketing processes.  We use these tools day-in day-out and can help you do the same.

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