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    • Automating the admin

      • Sales enablement tools - as part of a wider inbound sales strategy - use automation technology to enable your sales teams to be more efficient.
      • By automating the admin, your processes become more replicable, increasing accountability and saving you time.
      • It provides you with better data on performance of your sales teams so that you can see what’s working, allowing you to embed improvement and learning into your sales processes.
      • When delivered successfully, it also bridges the gap between sales and marketing, underpinned by a solid foundation of automation technology.
      • We talk to sales managers and business owners who are at varying places in their journey.

      Noisy Little Monkey are the Bristol based inbound marketing and SEO agency.

      We work with a wide range of sales teams - from start ups and smaller UK based sales teams to multi-site national and international sales teams. As a business we use HubSpot Sales Pro and continue to be excited about how this technology enhances our sales practice. From trialling video cold calling to creating chat bots, we're both enthusiasts and sceptics on the role of automation. There are so many options tools available; the key is finding the things that work in your sector.

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      Our Sales Enablement Services

      Workshop to align marketing and sales

      A workshop is usually the first step: this helps us to unpick the roles of sales and marketing and to understand the priorities and shared vision and define your inbound sales strategy. Having an objective, experienced sales professional work through this with you makes a significant difference!

      Sales process mapping

      The next step is a deep dive into your sales processes to understand how they work currently and to identify the opportunities and priorities for automation.

      Enable, Automate & Coach

      This is the heart of where we add value. We can take your key sales tools - playbooks, pitch decks, case studies etc - and ensure they are accessed easily through the CRM. Then automate as much as possible to enable your sales people to spend their time on actual sales, not admin. Finally, we can coach your team, or you to keep on improving your inbound sales approach

      Hubspot Sales Hub implementation

      If you are using Hubspot Sales Hub then we can set up the knitty gritty elements: joining diaries to the CRM for meeting links, writing sales sequences, designing chat bots, lead scoring etc. We can also train your sales team on how to use the tools.


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