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You’ve had a website audit, and are feeling confident that you can deliver your inbound marketing aspirations.  You and your team are geared up to produce the volume and quality of content required and all you need is a light guiding hand from the Monkeys...

One of the key benefits of Search Coach is the ongoing conversation we have with you about your website.  It means that if - in the worst case - you find malware or porn on your site, your site is hit by a Google update and plunges in the rankings, or there’s a huge unexpected change in performance, we have a history of your site and can jump in to fix it.  Small fixes are all part of the service, but larger fixes we’ll quote for. It’s peace of mind in a troubled online world.

Search Coach has three elements - monthly tests on your website, rank tracking of key search terms and quarterly coaching.  It's designed to keep your website healthy and you on track to meet your SMART targets.

Monthly Online Tests (MOT)

The Monthly MOT is a report comprised of 70-100 tests looking for errors (slow speeds, broken links, duplicate content, etc) using various specialist SEO tools and Google Webmaster Tools, to ensure your website meets the basic hygiene standards required by search engines. We report on any issues, including suggested fixes where possible.

Rank Tracking

Tracking and reporting on the performance of up to 30 keywords for 1 domain in Google and Bing for your territory (e.g. UK).

Quarterly Coaching Sessions

We'll provide insight and recommendations for improvement for onsite content, pay per click and/or social outreach in a 2 hour meeting, either at our offices in Bristol or by video conference.

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