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    • Benefits of Technical SEO

      • Understand your audience and what they're searching for
      • Build trust and authority to
      • Improve visibility in search results
      • Boost brand awareness and generate leads
      • You'll avoid vulnerabilities that can lead to malicious code and hacker attacks
      • You'll stop wasting money on other marketing activities
      • Save time and get your message shared the way you want on social media.

      By investing in improving the technical aspects of your website, you’ll ensure that your wider digital marketing efforts are not undermined by foundational issues. Amping up your technical SEO also means a better page speed and user experience for your visitors which will improve your conversion rate.

      Why choose Noisy Little Monkey?
      Noisy Little Monkey was started in our Founder’s back bedroom in Bedminster to stop people spending their money on digital charlatans. As we grew to a bigger team, we grew our expertise in SEO, campaigns and HubSpot and honed in on what we all felt really strongly about - sharing best practice, building communities and have a bit of fun while we do it.

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      Our Technical SEO Services

      SEO Technical site audit service

      A technical website audit will highlight any issues and provide recommendations on how to improve your visibility. We’ll run over hundreds of tests and identify any issues like broken links, duplicate content and page speed issues. You’ll also get a competitor analysis and an action plan so you know exactly what needs fixing. Your team can then go away and work through the issues or if you need additional support, we can work with you to deliver results. 

      Website Redesign

      When redesigning your website, it’s important to take careful stock of your legacy website. You want to understand what pages perform well and seek to preserve your organic performance with your redesigned site.  We’ll work with you to create an optimised site structure taking into account current performance, coach you through the design and build phase to build in best practice SEO; and provide launch support to make sure your site launches without a hitch.

      Technical SEO Strategy

      After a technical audit of your website, you’ll have a number of recommendations but how do you know where to start? How do you know what will make the biggest difference? After our team has finished auditing your site, we'll walk through our findings and provide specific steps on where best to spend your time. If you’re short on support, or don’t have a dev team, we can also help you get through the list and action the recommendations for you.

      Website Migration

      Migrating your website to a new platform or domain is a daunting task. If you need a helping hand to mitigate risk and avoid costly mistakes, we’re here to help. We’ve helped to redesign and re-platform hundreds of websites, so we know what it takes for a successful migration, and what can go wrong.

      Consultancy & Training

      Whether it's workshops, QA’ing work or just some one-on-one time for support or clarification - we’ll share our knowledge and work as part of your team to get you to your goals.

      Technical SEO for eCommerce

      Improve your online store's visibility and target potential consumers with a data-led strategy and technical support.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is technical SEO?
      Technical SEO is all about improving the technical aspects of a website in order to comply with search engine guidelines and best practices. Technical SEO concerns elements such as indexability, uptime, error handling, core web vitals, page speed and site structure.
      Why is technical SEO important
      Technical SEO is important for your website as it's a major factor in ensuring that it can be understood and ranked by search engines. Neglecting your website will likely mean an increase in technical issues which may damage your site visibility, undermine the performance of your other digital marketing initiatives, and ultimately cause you to lose out on potential customers.
      Technical SEO checklist
      We have a number of checklists free to download. They’ll help you test the health of your website, optimise your business locally and help you build SEO into your website.
      Technical SEO vs on-page SEO
      Technical SEO is focused on making sure that your website works, that it efficiently and reliably delivers your content to users. On-page SEO is about what that content is, and how you present that information across all pages. It concerns elements such as page content, titles, meta descriptions as well as headings/subheadings throughout each page layout. There is some grey area between the two, such as issues with internal linking or on-page images.
      How much does Technical SEO cost?
      Ahhh the answer is, it depends... There are a number of factors that will influence how much it costs. A small Wordpress site will likely cost a lot less than a multi-lingual, Ecommerce bespoke platform. You might need just an audit or additional help implementing recommendations. Depending on your brief, costs could scale from £1k - £30k +.
      If you would like to work with Noisy Little Monkey, we'll put together a package tailored to your needs and prices tend to start from £1,520. Get in touch today and we'll be more than happy to find the best way of working together.

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