“I’m like, okay, you wanna upsize your footprint, then you gotta get different shoes.” They’re like, “We love that – you’re hired.”

Siobhan Sharp, on joining the BBC (W1A)

More likes, more followers, make it viral, upsize your footprint . . . really?

We love social media and believe it is where your potential customers and influencers are hanging out; we also think social conversation and building community is a brilliant way to communicate your brand. But it’s not about likes, followers and footprints, it’s about engagement and delight.

Many of our clients have a general understanding of social media, some have it in their job description or as part of their wider marketing portfolio. Most are overwhelmed by the time that social media takes and struggle to understand how social media can help them to connect with their customer base.

We cut through the double talk to make social media marketing more manageable. We train clients on best practice techniques, blog about what works, and keep people up-to-date with our newsletter. We primarily socialise on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ but are constantly testing out new social platforms and measures to see what works. We’d like to think we practice what we preach.

Some businesses put their social media in our hands. Why? Generally it’s because they don’t have an in-house marketing team but do want their websites to perform better on social media. And because we are doing social all day every day, we know what’s new, what’s best practice and what’s effective – which can save companies money in the long term. It’s not for all businesses, but it might be right for yours?

Our social media services



This gives you a choice of two options: an Inbound Marketing Audit (IMA) or an Inbound Marketing Masterplan (IMM), which includes an Inbound Marketing Workshop (IMW) beforehand, The IMA is a comprehensive evaluation of your organisation's digital marketing, and how you measure up against your competitors. The IMM is a unique piece of work which you can take away and implement into your everyday marketing. It includes buyer personas, SMART goals and even content campaign ideas. The workshop inspires us both and helps scope your Masterplan.

Social Media Audit

Want an overhaul of your social media? We’ll do an assessment of what you are doing against best practice and let you know what you can do to improve. Great if you are bringing your social media in house, are new in the role or just want an honest assessment of what you can improve.


Optimised Content Writing

We will supercharge your copy! Give us ideas, bullet points or free reign and we’ll compose copy that sells your organisation, products or services in a language that appeals to your prospective client. Of course, we’ll poof it too so your asured grandma is excrement threw out.

Sharing & Reaching Out

Need someone to just pick up the whole caboodle? Blog, tweet, update Facebook, curate Pinterest, reach out to your community, handle complaints and report back to you. Tell us your budget (assuming it’s over £1,500 per month) and we’ll work out a social media marketing strategy and approach that works for you.


Social Media Marketing Training

Half a day dedicated to best practice hints and tips for making social media work for your business. We’ll tailor it to your business, or else for a lower cost option, why not come along to one of our sessions at BRAVE.

Practical Content Creation

Overwhelmed by the thought of creating shareable content? Let us show you how the professionals do it. Based on insight from our team of social media monkeys (who do this all day every day and love to be at the cutting edge of new stuff), we’ll give you tools and techniques to make your content writing more manageable.

Ongoing Consultancy


A combination of monthly online health checks for your website, quarterly meetings packed full of actionable ideas and recommendations, and our continual love, help and support. This is aimed at building brand awareness, growing social media engagement and most importantly, improving your organic search rankings to drive website visitors and qualified sales leads.

Have a social media team already?

Let’s talk. We work alongside in house marketing teams to pick up elements of their social media marketing; we also train and support in house teams using best practice principles.

Call 0117 327 0171, we will help.