social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

More likes, more followers, make it viral, upsize your footprint . . . really?

We love social media and believe it is where your potential customers and influencers are hanging out; we also think social conversation and building community is a brilliant way to communicate your brand. But it’s not about likes, followers and footprints, it’s about engagement and delight.

We specialise in helping three sectors with social media....

Many of our clients have a general understanding of social media marketing, some have it in their job description or as part of their wider marketing portfolio. Most are overwhelmed by the time that social media takes and struggle to understand how social media can help them to connect with their customer base.

We cut through the double talk to make social media marketing more manageable, training clients on best practice techniques, running their channels and sharing our knowledge on the blogWe primarily socialise on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest but are constantly testing out new social platforms and measures to see what works.

Some businesses put their social media in our hands. Why? Generally it’s because they don’t have an in-house marketing team but do want their brands to perform better on social media. And because we are doing social all day every day, we know what’s new, what’s best practice and what’s effective – which can save companies money in the long term. It’s not for all businesses, but it might be right for yours?

We do amazing social media marketing for these sectors...

Business to Business

Use social media as a component of your sales and marketing process to attract more clients. 


Maximise the impact of your social media output to  attract more customers and improve their Life Time Value.

Legal Services

Deploy social media as part of a complete revenue growth strategy for your law firm.