Social Media Marketing for B2B Businesses
Social Media Marketing for B2B Business

Social Media
B2B Business

Cut through the double talk to make social media marketing more manageable
Most B2B businesses use social media because at the board level it's been agreed "we should use social media". Then with no more strategy then that, it becomes marketing's problem and in a year or two, some nervous marketing type is stood in front of the board trying to justify the use of social media for the business.

Unsurprisingly, you'll find us advocates for a more strategic approach.

Simply put, we'll help you explicitly identify what your business does that makes it money and then we'll show you who's talking about related topics, on which social channels and how you can engage them. 

We'll work in partnership with you (and other social media evangelists at the organisation) or if you prefer, run all the social channels for you. In addition to sharing relevant but eye-catching content, we'll outreach to influencers in your space, manage reputation and take care of crisis management. 

Unless you just want us to manage LinkedIn. In which case, you can just GTFO.