Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce
Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce

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We cut through the double talk to make social media marketing more manageable

Social Media for Ecommerce can never be entirely divorced from its potential positive impact on your SEO. Social Media activity, in and of itself, won't boost your SEO but properly levering the relationships we develop with social media influencers will.

When it comes to ecommerce, while a few of our clients drive huge sums and most of their revenue through Instagram or Pinterest, the vast majority see it as a touch point for their customers on their way to purchase - hence our desire to get double bubble for our efforts by developing useful links from on-topic websites that will also drive traffic.

Work with us, and we'll refine your existing strategy, or create a new one, based on who'll buy your product, who influences them and the sort of content with which both audiences might engage.

Following that, we can run the whole social media kit and caboodle, (including customer service) or work in partnership with you to make it work.

Before all that though - we need to learn more about your business, what makes it tick and how big you want to be next year. 

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