Social Media Marketing for Legal Services
Social Media Marketing for Legal Services

Social Media
Legal Services

We cut through the double talk to make social media marketing more manageable

So you've got three solicitors in your law firm who use social media like crazy and actually two of them get really good results and seem to open lots of new client files too. 

The rest of the people in the business say "we should do more on social media, like our competitors" but these guys. They. Never. Ever. Help.

You beg for considered blog content, for them to tell you what events they're speaking at, what conferences they're attending, interesting cases that are likely to make the news.

Nothing. You. Get. Nothing.

The gang at Noisy Little Monkey have worked with some of the biggest names in the UK legal sector and know exactly how we can make it work for you. 

You tell us which sectors in your business need the social love and we'll come up with the winning strategy, sell it to the partners and fee earners (and set their expectations of what success will look like) and then work with you to execute that strategy over the next few months. Then we'll rinse and repeat for the next sector in the business. Once we've helped you get a few wins in these sectors, even those doddery old partners who just want you to set up LinkedIn for them will come running for creative social media marketing advice.

But by then you'll have a new job somewhere cutting edge and fun because you're so good at this social stuff.

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