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    • Saving clients from bad marketing and design is Andy's MO.

      When Andy was a wee lad they dreamed of saving the world from bad things like inequality and injustice. As he grew up he found out it wasn’t actually as easy as it looked in the movies, so he decided to focus on saving the world from bad marketing and design instead.


      Andy can often get lost in SEO, design, and HubSpot tasks, but there are a few easy ways to get their attention. These include: making a typo, talking about sexuality and gender theory, dogs, and asking “Anyone for tea?”

      Loves: Yellow. But like, too much.
      Hates: Structural oppression, early 2000s website design and olives.
      Will dance to: ABBA
      Had to watch a film on repeat what would it be: Much Ado About Nothing (1993). Embarrassing but true.
      Most likely to say: Can I help with that?

      Blog Posts

      Hubspot service hub pink text over a yellow background with Hubspot logo in corner
      Topic: HubSpot

      New HubSpot Service Hub: everything you need to know

      Jill Quick is a blonde white woman and she is pictured next to the text, Business as Unusual, new year, new analytics.
      Topic: Analytics, webinars

      Google Analytics and GA4: A Business as Unusual Webinar

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