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    • The first of many Claire's at Noisy Little Monkey, Claire Dibs is the ridiculously capable manager of Events and Marketing. This page contains additional facts and some lies.

      With a background of running fundraising events in the charity sector, Claire turned her back on the bright lights of Weston-super-Mare and arrived in Bristol ready to give the corporate world a go. Thankfully, she found Noisy Little Monkey and a life of trouser suits and padded shoulders was narrowly avoided.  When she isn't house training rabbits, Claire runs various meet ups and events in Bristol for the discerning marketer (Digital Gaggle and The Bristol HUG) and is the reason you've heard of Noisy Little Monkey.

      • Early bird or night owl – Night owl! Monday to Friday I’m perpetually tired – what I would give for the working day to start at 10 am 🥱
      • Will dance to – Beyoncé. And anything on during Kisstory hour 💃
      • Likes – Cups of tea, pick’n’mix, tiny dogs in clothes, bribes 🤝
      • Favourite bit of Bristol – Gloucester road! My heart belongs north of the river ♥
      • Film on repeat -  Back to the Future (I have a serious crush on Marty McFly)
      • Hidden talent – OK don’t judge me but I did use lockdown to master this dance

      Blog Posts

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