Events & Marketing Manager

With a background of running fundraising events in the charity sector, Claire turned her back on the bright lights of Weston-super-mare and arrived in Bristol ready to give the corporate world a go. Thankfully, she found Noisy Little Monkey and a life of trouser suits and padded shoulders was narrowly avoided.

When she isn't house training rabbits, Claire runs various meet ups and events in Bristol for the discerning marketer

Claire spends quite a lot of her time laughing. When simultaneously suprised and amused she will emit a honk not unlike that of a goose which finds itself caught in a storm drain. This, along with very nearly every other facet of her character, is delightful. 

  • Loves: Beyoncé, cups of tea, the colour black, pick 'n' mix
  • Hates: dawdlers, people that say 'pacific' when they mean 'specific'
  • Most likely to say: 'anyone want a tea?'
  • Will dance to: anything on during Kisstory hour
  • Favourite website: imgur

Check out Claire's Meet Ups and Conferences.