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    • Compelling copy composer, for blogs, emails, posts and pages - Ella rights grate!

      They have a way with words, the Celts. Purposeful prose. Ella is able to outshine the greats* because of a religious commitment to Stanislavski’s method. A child actress (thankfully without the accompanying trauma) Ella is able to inhabit your buyer persona and craft compelling copy that keeps them coming back for more. 


      *You never saw Murdoch or Wilde banging out an Instagram post about shagging on a pool table which drove converting website traffic, did you? Ella can, and has.

      Desert Island Disc: Ice Water - Loyle Carner
      If you were a pasta shape, what shape would you be: Those larger than life pasta shells #getstuffed
      Early bird or night owl: Definitely an early bird. Please don't talk to me after 9pm, I'm decompressing
      Most likely to say: Something completely irrelevant that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever
      Hidden Talent: I'm always able to make something delicious out of whatever is in the fridge
      Will dance to: Absolutely anything from Bombay Bicycle Club
      Likes: Good vibes and the colour pink
      Hates: Mushrooms and people who take themselves too seriously

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