Holly Edwards Circle.png

Holly Edwards

Former Monkey

Holly’s got a degree in Art History, but don’t let that fool you – she also knows how to write. When not dragging poor unsuspecting relatives around endless South West galleries, Holly’s often found chugging a gallon of green tea whilst traversing every corner of the interwebs to find out what’s cool and hip with the kids these days. Since she often does this wearing a monkey onesie, there seemed only one obvious choice of employment.

Insufferably outdoorsy, Holly enjoys mountain climbing, forest walking and feeling very cold on the side of a hill. She can also rap the entirety of ‘Ain’t Nothing but a G Thang’, but is generally only a gangsta on weekends.

  • Loves: Junk food, Taylor Swift and dogs
  • Hates: People who don’t like dogs
  • Most likely to say: "Natch", "Obvs" or "Oh my god, you have a dog?"
  • Will dance to: Just about anything
  • Favourite website: Dominos