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    • Meet Izzy, a whiz with words and la langue française.

      Her unrelenting positivity cutting through the Gauloise clouds of philosophers like a Parisian sunbeam, Izzy had an epiphany. Her love for “la tongue francaise” was, without doubt, a great asset in the Diplomatic Service. Her incredible work ethic and positivity however, were raising eyebrows in the Embassy. Upon her return to Blighty, Izzy found the monkeys and now deploys playfully persuasive prose for search and social success superbly. In English more than in French but c’est la vie, eh lads?

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      what is the buyer's journey?
      Topic: Inbound Marketing, HubSpot

      What Is The Buyer's Journey?

      Google Search screenshot showing content ranking quickly
      Topic: SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing

      Secrets Of The SERPs: Get Your Content To Rank Quickly

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