Digital Marketing Executive

James has a degree in history so, it goes without saying, he knows how to remember miscellaneous dates and write stuff good.  He’s also pretty adept at lifting things around the office due to the fact that he is dead (he’s northern) sporty. He used to work in Film and TV production so, as well as being on first-name-terms with Carol Vorderman, he’s fairly nimble behind the camera.

He really enjoys intense debates about hypothetical historical eventualities e.g. what if different human species still existed?

  • Loves: Handstands, Twelve-Stringed Acoustic Guitars and The Wire
  • Hates: Domhnall Gleeson, English Breakfast Tea, people who mix up generally and genuinely
  • Most likely to say: “Potentially,” “Well good” and, “Ace”
  • Will dance to: Everything but really fast jungle (too sweaty)
  • Favourite website: (James couldn't think of a fav website so Claire picked one for him...)  

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