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    • Everything is cool with Janice. Unless you're late filling out your timesheets or paying your bills ;)

      Talking to your accountant or (heaven preserve us) the HMRC, feels like a chicken talking to a duck. Unless you have Janice as your translator. Superb with a spreadsheet, terrific with timesheets and, frankly, a phenomenon with a forecast, Janice is the real deal.


      Smiley and meticulous, the only time Janice isn’t beatific is when the monkey’s time tracking drops below 99.999%

      Desert Island Disc: Any nice songs, but not rap, rock'n'roll or heavy metal ones. 
      Most likely to say:  "It is fine." 
      Will dance to: Haha. I don't dance at all.
      If you had to watch a film on repeat what would it be: No idea, I prefer to watch a new movie.
      Favourite biscuit? Chocolate favour
      Loves: Sunshine, traveling and eating
      Hates: Quarantine in hotel

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