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    • Jon is the founder and Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey.

      Jon Payne is the founder and Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey. He looks old because he's spent 30 years in business development, the last decade in Inbound Marketing and it takes a toll on a guy. Jon gives frequent talks and seminars about digital marketing. A knowledgeable and entertaining speaker – Jon will make you laugh and make you think. Sometimes both.

      • Desert Island Disc: Amazing Grace – Aretha Franklin with Rev James Cleveland and Southern California Community Choir
      • Will dance to: Higher State of Consciousness – Josh Wink
      • Favourite biscuit: Malted Milk
      • Most likely to say: What the f***?
      • Favourite website: https://www.whosampled.com/ - great for finding what got sampled to make the track you’re listening to and discovering rare grooves.
      • Hidden talent: I can sing second bass right up to first tenor in a choir because of what professionals have called my “impressive vocal range”
      • If you were a pasta shape, what shape would you be: Novelty Pasta Penises


      Blog Posts

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      Get paid to do nothing

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