Technically a Director

Jon Payne is the founder and Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey. His successful sales career stretches back some 20 years with the last dozen or so working online. For the last 7 years Jon’s focus has been Search and Social Media Marketing. in addition to his role as ‘Great Ape of Inbound’ at Noisy Little Monkey, Jon gives frequent talks and seminars about digital marketing. A knowledgeable and entertaining speaker – Jon will make you laugh and make you think. Sometimes both.

  • Loves: Working with loud music playing.
  • Hates: Nothing. But he can’t bear a cheese sandwich without marmite.
  • Most likely to say: What the f***?
  • Will dance to: Magnetic Man
  • Favourite website: For work? Moz and for everything else The Oatmeal

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