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    • Katie is responsible for guiding sales and marketing teams to success. 

      Katie writes rhymes and rights sales wrongs,
      The wrongs she rights ensure your business grows
      and, you can revel in her rhyme at her packed out shows,

      When you fill out a form, Katie calls you quick,
      Makes your marketing and sales super freaking slick,
      She'll provide you with a plan to make profit upticks stick.

      • Desert Island Disc: Ellipsis – Biffy Clyro
      • Had to watch a film on repeat what would it be: LOTR: Two Towers or Full Metal Jacket
      • Will dance to: Psychosocial – Slipknot
      • Likes: The Simpsons, tattoos, podcasting, metalcore, dyeing my hair purple and British garden birds 
      • Dislikes: Celery and racism
      • Hidden talent: Can do the alphabet backwards
      • If you were a pasta shape, what shape would you be: Farfalle because it’s the best

      Blog Posts

      Person in a blue t shirt holding LOTS OF MONEY
      Topic: HubSpot

      How to unpack the value trapped in your HubSpot

      close sales rates with video proposals
      Topic: Sales Tips, Events, Videos & Webinars

      How To Increase Sales Close Rates With Video: Proposals

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