Digital Account Manager

Lucy loves David Beckham (like, a LOT). Her pop culture interests extend past the eye candy that is Beckham and up to the Kardashians and Kanye West too. Self confessed cooking and fashion enthusiast, Lucy's life goals are to meet 'Golden Balls' himself, visit a chimpanzee orphanage and own a Range Rover (this last one has recently been achieved.)

And just wait, in a few years time you'll see her guiltily browsing Topshop after the "shopaholics anonymous" meeting she just attended.

  • Loves: David Beckham and Toblerone
  • Hates: People who don't shut the toilet lid before flushing
  • Most likely to say: Things without thinking
  • Will dance to: Kanye and Drake
  • Favourite website: Topshop and ASOS

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