VP of Farts EMEA

A firm fixture in the office, Mr Dog joined Noisy Little Monkey in 2008 and has made a career of lounging about, eating apple cores and barking at the postman. He is particularly adept at barking loudly when we are on the phone to clients and making the office smell. Not the bravest of dogs, Mr Dog can be found shaking at the very mention of a car journey or the sight of chickens, but loves visitors to the office and lots of attention.

  • Loves: Cheese, the beach, sleeping and strokes
  • Hates: Chickens
  • Most likely to say: “Woof”
  • Will dance to: a biscuit being held above his head and the words “hup, hup”
  • Favourite website: Dog Shaming, just to compare notes on bad behaviour.