Search & Social Advisor

Natalie Lam is our latest snap happy social gal (who’s name also works perfectly when sung to the theme tune of Blankety Blank). Her photo skillz are super slay and she’s well versed in taking a killer shot or selfie. Not only that, Natalie is a diligent biscuit provider and can throw out some amazing “Laminator” one liners!
Not content with being picture perfect, Natalie loves to dabble in a bit of html and will jump at the chance of flexing her coding guns.
If you want to know the latest slang, need pointers on your photo game, Natalie is your go to Lam.

  • Loves: Eating, gigs, the smell of rain in warm weather
  • Hates: Slow walkers, people standing too close to her
  • Most likely to say: “No way”, “Oh, cool”, “I know right!”
  • Will dance to: Cheesy 00’s music and pop punk.
  • Favourite website: NetflixASOS

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