Creative Director

Unless it’s in the form of a picture Tash will not engage with information. If the picture is an animated gif or a video, her attention may be held for up to 3 or 4 minutes.

This means that Tash has difficulty catching flights on time and sometimes struggles to understand if she’s overspent by thousands or by hundreds on a Facebook advertising campaign.

It also means she is a magnificent Creative Director.

The muses rarely stray from her shoulder and if they do it’s normally only to drop down to floor level to admire her shoes while she’s talking with us mere mortals about improving conversions by creating a prettier, more intuitive UX.

  • Loves: “BRANDED PENS!!!” A good novelty jumper, free mugs and cake.
  • Hates: Mayonnaise. Don’t even talk about it if she’s near.
  • Most likely to say: “Hello” and “It needs more yellow”
  • Will dance to: Roxanne & Thong Song
  • Favourite website: Pinterest and just about anything with a checkout.

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