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    • Meet the boss. Nic is Managing Director and makes everything work and stay profitable. Check out her bio and blog posts.

      Nicola puts organisational structure around our creative chaos and continues to develop the team of clever, motivated, interesting people to produce fantastic results for clients.

      • Loves: Creative ideas, Marmite on toast, good coffee and the sound of Mr Dog snoring in the office
      • Hates: Working with loud music playing
      • Most likely to say: “Jon . . . really?”
      • Will dance to: Cheesy pop, especially first thing in the morning.
      • Favourite website: Pinterest for inspiration and ideas and the France Property Shop for full-on daydreaming.


      Blog Posts

      Data migration vs Data integration
      Topic: HubSpot

      Data Migration vs Data Integration

      Digital Marketing Executive Job £22 - £24k
      Topic: Jobs

      [JOB CLOSED] We are recruiting a Digital Marketing Executive

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