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    • Queen of marketing automation and sales enablement, Ophelia bends HubSpot to her will.

      We’re all crushed by the bureaucracy of daily life and the grinding repetition of our ultimately meaningless, empty lives. It’s awful isn’t it? Not for Ophelia. With the energy of a Muppet hopped up on bennies, Ophelia smashes through life with such an optimistic outlook that seemingly insurmountable problems become supple clay, from which she moulds greatness. Worried about automating your business process? She’ll be right.

      • Desert Island Disc: Six60 - don't forget your roots
      • Most likely to say: Hello Human or good avo 
      • Will dance to: Anything!
      • Favourite website: Obviously... anything built with HubSpot!
      • Had to watch a film on repeat what would it be: Hacksaw Ridge
      • Favourite biscuit? Tim Tam's
      • Loves: The ocean
      • Hates: Unkindness and those unable to understand others' perspectives

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