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    • A font of SEO knowledge, Ste is your go-to if you have any search related or technical questions. 

      Rising from the frozen wastes of Preston like an avenging angel, Ste’s on a mission from god. That god is Thor and Ste will bring the thunder down on lazy web design and bad SEO practices. When not delivering a cleansing fire to crap hat SEO, Ste can be found up to his elbows in Excel while gently swaying to Phil Collins (circa No Jacket Required). A rabid Scandiphile, Ste has the largest collection of hightop Hummels outside of Viby. 

      • Loves: Working with loud music playing.
      • Hates: Nothing. But he can’t bear a cheese sandwich without marmite.
      • Most likely to say: What the f***?
      • Will dance to: Magnetic Man
      • Favourite website: For work? SEOmoz and for everything else The Oatmeal

      Blog Posts

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      Got A HubSpot Website? Your Google Analytics Tracking Is Broken.

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