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Your website needs to be structured, designed and developed from the start to attract a steady flow of fresh new visitors, then qualify and nurture those visitors into customers. Your website is far more than just visual layout and design; it needs to be structured to maximally contribute to your business goals, and continually improved in response to feedback and analytics.

But if you are reading this page, you’ve probably got a problem with your existing site. The 6 most common problems we come up against are:

  • The site is just old, looks dated and no longer represents your business
  • You want your website to work harder: sell more, convert more leads, have more traffic
  • You aren’t happy with the user experience of the site
  • You are frustrated that you can’t change things on the website and so aren’t able to move quickly enough in creating marketing campaigns
  • You’ve just had a new website and have found that your performance has fallen off a cliff
  • You’ve just fallen out of love with your existing web dev team...

There are many different reasons why you may be considering a website redesign.

Our web design process

Understanding your business and wider marketing

Working with you to understand your customers, your sales and marketing pipelines and your long term business goals, Noisy Little Monkey need to understand the bigger picture to build an SEO strategy that makes business sense. 

Website Audit

Every client engagement begins with a detailed website audit, including but not limited to; a detailed technical SEO audit, website traffic analysis, competitor SEO analysis, on-page SEO and CRO reviews & customer journey analysis. This helps us to understand your current performance and goals.

Design and structure of the website

A good website structure is founded on solid marketing personas and detailed search term research. Noisy Little Monkey start with a specification that ensures that your website will reflect your customers thought processes, and not simply how your business sees itself. This customer insight must come first, as it must underpin the visual design, imagery and copy. At this point you also need to consider if you need the site to integrate with other systems: a CRM, Eventbrite, a payment system, etc

Development & launch of the site

Often overlooked, the way in which the site is developed, launched and maintained makes a significant difference to the long term health and performance of the website.

Growth Driven Design

The launch of your website should not be the end of a website build - it should be the beginning. If you cease all development on the site once it goes live, you will stop working on experience just as the live data from real customers starts to roll in. We recommend that our clients are in a constant state of development-- continually reviewing the performance of your website to make data driven improvements. 

How can we help?

Noisy Little Monkey is a Bristol based digital marketing agency. Our preference is to build websites on the HubSpot, integrating your website with a market leading CRM and marketing automation platform that allows you to directly measure the success of your website. 

If you aren’t ready to invest in the full HubSpot experience a simple WordPress website with the basic HubSpot integration is the perfect place to start. 

HubSpot gives you the power to create innovative, digital campaigns integrating website content, with email and social media marketing, in a way that you can clearly track leads and sales. Find out more about our HubSpot Website Design services.

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