“Ford!” he said, “there’s an infinite number of monkeys outside who want to talk to us about this script for Hamlet they’ve worked out.”

Arthur Dent, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

To do web design or not to do web design? That is a question that we’ve asked ourselves in the past and decided not to; but have been so appalled by the price and quality of some web projects we’ve seen that we wanted to offer a viable alternative.

We aren’t one of those design-led web design agencies staffed by impossibly hip teenagers; our obsession is sales and conversions. We produce cost effective, robust, accessible and responsive websites that are designed to work excellently in search, using WordPress templates. Some of us are also impossibly hip, if that’s a non negotiable.

A Noisy Little Monkey responsive website looks wonderful, performs brilliantly on Google and Bing, and Yandex, and Baidu. Your website is tailored to your brand; it’s not fully bespoke (because you can get better return on other activity). We’ll talk to you honestly about what you need, and then find a cost effective template solution, based on tried and tested WordPress code. We practice what we preach, you’re looking at a responsive website designed in this way. If you’re on your phone, check it out on a big telly or laptop. If you’re on your big telly or laptop, what the hell? Get hip to the mobile devices, grandpa!

The truth is the website build is just a small part of what makes companies successful online. Our top piece of advice is don’t spend all your budget on cool design and an all singing, all dancing website – spend it on a website that works well and then keep optimising it after launch and building your audience through search and social media marketing. Our design and build services achieve that balance rather elegantly.

Our website design & build services


Style Guide & Site Specification Workshop

This workshop kicks off the site specification – it helps to define what you really need with a follow up report that works as a brief for the site design. So even if you don’t use Noisy Little Monkey to build your website, you’ve got a search optimised brief to use with another agency.


Website Design & Build

We can flex our design and build services around you. We can write copy, source images, project manage and build your site from the ground up or just set up a WordPress template site correctly and train you to use it.

If you’re really worried about using a template, we will project manage the design and development of a fully bespoke, needlessly expensive site, ensuring it is search engine optimised to its very core. We prefer to take wheelbarrows full of cash for this, because then we can throw the money around like we’re in a rap video.


WordPress Training

We’ll train you to use the site we built you. The joy of WordPress is that you can manage the content so with a bit of training, you’ll never have to pay to make day-to-day changes to the site.

Continuous Improvement

Want to add vavavoom to your website? Work with us for a year and together we’ll keep on making the site we’ve built better with monthly online tests and a quarterly recommendations report focusing on performance data and driving conversions.

Got a web designer already?

Why not use our search services to complement your preferred existing designer? We bring a different perspective to what makes websites effective to provide actionable recommendations to designers and developers.

Call 0117 327 0171. Let’s see what we can create together!