Web Design for B2B Business
Web design for B2B Business

Web Design
B2B Business

Web design for B2B businesses is a different beast to ecommerce.

A site that nurtures leads and develops relationships should be very different to site that is measured by cold, hard cash transactions.

Because it's harder to measure online success for B2B businesses, there is a temptation to turn B2B websites into an online version of a brochure for your services. For some businesses this is the right solution and it's exactly what Quantum SFX wanted - a site that showcased their services, bringing together their five legacy websites into a single site.  We love this kind of project, as it has a tricky SEO problem at it's heart. 

Generally though we like to challenge B2B assumptions that a website can’t generate business.  All the evidence shows that the way people track down services is changing and few businesses can afford to ignore the opportunities offered online to promote services and build trust.

Hubspot and content marketing is a particularly strong way to promote B2B services online and our preference is to embed web design into a larger marketing project to ensure your website is robust enough to generate more leads and conversions.

If you want to develop a strategy that will attract new visitors to your website, nurture and convert them into customers on a brand, spanking new website, then contact the Monkeys.

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