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Inbound Marketing is a methodology which helps businesses to turn strangers into delighted customers

Designing a website for a legal services business has so many facets. What kind of business are you, how do you want to be perceived, what’s your geographic reach, how does the website sit alongside the networking and face-to-fact marketing you inevitably do?

What we’ve learned from working on a number of web projects for legal services companies is that it's vital to put Analytics and search data at the heart of the design process. If you don’t, a web project can quickly spiral out of control, pulled in different directions by multiple stakeholders or partners.

We are challenging to work with if you are a legal services company, as we bring our expertise in SEO and user experience to the table, and won’t back down if you push us to deliver a diluted, confused website that doesn’t really work for anyone. We know that a search optimised web design put at the heart of an inbound marketing strategy will deliver good quality leads and we know the steps that will get you there.

If you are the Marketing Team for a legal services company and want an agency that will fight your corner to ensure your website investment delivers the maximum value, then come and talk to us.

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