If you want Google and Bing to send traffic to your website and if you want people to engage with your content once they arrive, then your website needs to be up to an acceptable hygiene level.

Your site needs to perform to some basic standards around speed, uptime, page not found errors, spurious redirects and trustworthy inbound links. Many people (stupid people) will tell you fixing this is SEO. It isn’t. It’s basic good practice web building.

Here in the UK, if you have a car it must be tested annually to ensure it’s safe to use on the road. This test is called the MOT. What you’re about to download (for free) is a checklist that is an MOT for your website and in this case the “MOT” stands for  “Monthly Online Tests”.


The SEO team at Noisy Little Monkey run these tests every month on the websites we look after. Now you can run the same tests on yours. Once you begin to pass them consistently – you could think about doing some SEO too.